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With Tālā you will be able to:

  • save money by setting a daily spending target and be rewarded for achieving your goals

  • track your money (income and expense) so you know where your money is being spent

  • share your financial journey with your loved ones, either 1:1, as a family (up to 15 people) or even as a village (up to 50 people)

  • share your financial stories and tips and chat with others


Qalaa Holdings has a solution that generates daily email alerts from their current reporting system. As the company grows, a need arises to be more engaged with its customers. Irithm builds Qalaa Holdings its reporting service through the use of Whatsapp SMS.


Our developers played a major part in building and publishing these applications.

01. Health Clinic App

02. Airport Guide App

03. Motor Gaming App

04. Epilepsy Care App


iRithm integrates and runs your apps using modern technologies.

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